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Mark Mothersbaugh is good at being weird, which is why he’s been a rabbit’s foot for creative folks for about four decades, now. Most of us probably know his work starting with DEVO, and he’s just been a real engine of a maker ever since.

The Denver Post Talk Art Exhibition!

Mark Mothersbaugh gets an exhibit at Denver’s MCA!

The New York Times And The Art Of Mothersbaugh.

The New York Times talk Myopia Art Show!


MCA Denver is proud to present the first retrospective of the work of Mark Mothersbaugh!

Mark Mothersbaugh talks about his new eyewear line!

Get ready for Mark Mothersbaugh’s eyewear line!

Myopia BUY it now!

Pre-order Myopia!

Come Join Mark Mothersbaugh October 2 upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown LA!

Come Join Mark Mothersbaugh October 2 upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown LA after his MOCA talk and be the first to get your signed copy of Myopia! Click here for more info!


Tickets to the opening celebration of Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia go on sale next week!!!!!


If you missed it, here are some photo’s from DEVO’s recent show with Arcade Fire and Dan Deacon. Looks like a pretty good time does it?

Dove, the Band of Love.

Dangerous Minds has an article up about DEVO’s christian alter-ego. See more after the jump.

Check out Mutato’s latest music for the Pull Ups Big Kid Academy featuring live players.

Mark Mothersbaugh and Albert Fox composed this track and we had the honor of recording some great players thanks to Mark Robertson, Rob Schaer on Trumpet, Gina Luciani on flute and Dylan Hart on French Horn.

Check out this review and go see 22, opens in theaters tomorrow Friday the 13th!

“Those masters of having their genre-parody cake and eating it too, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, have followed up their sly, self-referential franchise reboot “21 Jump Street” with an inevitable sequel that is, at least in part, a sly, self-referencing commentary on the inevitability of sequels.”

Congratulations to the ‘Men of Mutato’ for another year of award winning work

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Mark Mothersbaugh does Daisy Bell for Mark Ryden

Watch Mark Mothersbaugh’s rendition of Daisy Bell for Mark Ryden’s ” The Gay Nineties Olde Tyme Music”